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Wilson Center Experts Comment on the Longterm Consequences of the War in Ukraine

October 19, 20232:13

Ambassador Mark Green, Baroness Catherine Ashton, Former President of Colombia Ivan Duque, and Philip T. Reeker on the longterm consequences of Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Selected Quotes

Ambassador Mark Green: "But again, it really is a matter of the future of this continent and the future of the institutions which are terrifically important in helping to shape foreign policy."

Baroness Catherine Ashton: "At the end of this war, one of two things will happen: either Russia will be different or Europe will be different."

Iván Duque: "We cannot allow that this conflict becomes part of a geopolitical landscape. We need to continue with a strong voice condemning this irrational attack that has hurt so many people around the Ukrainian territory and that has triggered a massive mobilization of migrants. This is a time for no moral neutrality."

Hon. Philip Reeker: "We're here listening to expert briefings on the situation in Ukraine, where Russia's illegal war against Ukraine continues, where we're studying sanctions, their effectiveness, the circumvention of sanctions, and how we keep the United States and all of its European partners, all those around the world who are supporting Ukraine in this effort against Russia's aggression."

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