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Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding
Standing Strong: Witnessing Resilience in Ukraine
13:13February 26, 2024

Smart Take | World Refugee Day: Facing the Challenges of the Highest Levels of Displacement on Record

June 20, 20232:16

On World Refugee Day, John Thon Majok, Director of the Wilson Center’s Refugee and Forced Displacement Initiative (RAFDI), talks about the recent UNHCR Global Trends Report, which provides the latest numbers on refugees, asylum-seekers, and internally displaced people worldwide. He discusses the 20% increase in refugees around the world and identifies the conflicts that are fueling the uptick. Majok also addresses other root causes of forced displacement that have created an ongoing global refugee challenge.


John Thon Majok

John Thon Majok

Director of Refugee and Forced Displacement Initiative (RAFDI); Deputy Director of Development
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Refugee and Forced Displacement Initiative

The Refugee and Forced Displacement Initiative (RAFDI) provides evidence-based analyses that translate research findings into practice and policy impact. Established in 2022 as a response to an ever-increasing number of people forcibly displaced from their homes by protracted conflicts and persecution, RAFDI aims to expand the space for new perspectives, constructive dialogue and sustainable solu­tions to inform policies that will improve the future for the displaced people.  Read more