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Migration & Displacement

According to United Nations estimates, Russia's invasion into Ukraine has displaced 8 million within the country in 2022 and forced around 6 million to leave the nation. How are refugees and displaced persons being supported, and what can be done to ensure the safety of those who wish to return?

February 26, 2022: Refugees are waiting for permission to cross the border into Europe through the Ukrainian-Slovak border.
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The Human Cost of Russia's War in Ukraine: The Migration Dimension

In this roundtable discussion, several leading US, European, Ukrainian and Russian scholars discussed the current refugee and migration crisis. This discussion included a demographic overview of Ukrainian emigrants, the impact of migrant flow on Ukrainian society and receiving countries, and the effectiveness of international and individual countries’ response to refugee inflow. Speakers also examined the massive outflow of war opponents from Russia and analyze the potential impact of mass emigration on the Russian economy, society, and academic and cultural spheres.