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The Marshall Plan at 75: Lessons for Ukraine?

Date & Time

Jun. 13, 2022
2:00pm – 3:00pm ET


6th Floor Flom Auditorium, Woodrow Wilson Center


June 5 marks the 75-year anniversary of George Marshall’s famous speech at Harvard, which initiated the post-war European aid program now known as the “Marshall Plan”. In that speech, Marshall outlined the need for economic aid to help Europe and its citizens to recover from World War II. Up until now, the Marshall Plan is one of the boldest and biggest success stories of economic growth and democratization.

Join us for a conversation about the lessons we can draw from the Marshall Plan for today—when Russia’s war in Europe again threatens security and economic stability. 

Selected Quotes

Ambassador Mark Green

"Marshall's vision would see the coordination of reconstruction assistance dollars, spurring recovery, supporting economies, and yes – strengthening democracy. The US investment in both wartime allies and former enemies paid dividends in far beyond economic terms. It brought and continues to bring a trust dividend on both sides of the Atlantic. It was in so many ways the beginning of our transatlantic partnership.”

Dereck J. Hogan

"...our efforts to support Ukraine and address the impacts of Putin's war have changed the course of the conflict and strengthened our relationships with partners and allies.”

"Contrary to Putin’s goals, the conflict has galvanized European democracies."

"The goals of the Marshall Plan were the same as our shared goals for Europe today – that is ensuring mutual economic prosperity, providing for transatlantic security, promoting our shared values, and working together to confront global challenges.”

Wolfgang Petritsch

"Without the Marshall Plan, Europe and now the European Union would not be where we are today."

“For Europe, transatlantic cooperation, as we see this in our in our Marshall Plan Foundation, as well as at the Austrian Institute for International Affairs, is key.”

"The time between 1945 to 1947 the United States spent more funds that it then did between 1948 and 1952. When the Marshall Plan was implemented and executed, planning was of crucial importance."

"We have to commit ourselves. This is only going to be resolved in the long run, and we have to stick together.”

Jonathan D. Katz

"...when we're talking today about Ukraine, in talking about a Marshall Plan for Ukraine, I think about the extraordinary heroics of the Ukrainian people over the last hundred plus days, what they bring to the table when you think about a Marshall Plan for Ukraine."

"The EU project just like it was post-Marshall Plan was critical in all these institutions that really brought together even enemies together to build the most prosperous, wealthiest, most democratic space in the world. It’s exactly where Ukraine needs to be."

F. Joseph Dresen

"The Marshall Plan will be first and foremost on everyone's mind in relation to post war reconstruction of Ukraine."

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