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Economy & Sanctions

The repercussions of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine have sent shockwaves through the global economy. Find out more about the effects of the war on Ukraine's economy and its implications for the world.

A line graph indicating the ruble's plummeting value overlays a close-up shot of ruble notes and coins.
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The Effect of Western Sanctions: A View from Ukraine

Since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, Western governments have adopted several packages of economic sanctions in an attempt to diminish the resources available to the Russian (and Belarusian) regimes. But the question of whether the sanctions are producing the intended results – in terms of economic isolation, political opposition, social instability – remains to be seen. The Ukrainian Institute of the Future, a leading Ukrainian think tank, analyzed the measure that have taken to date and whether other so-called “neutral” nations can be persuaded to join the list of countries imposing sanctions on Russia.

Ukrainian Grain
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Smart Take | Russia Suspends Ukraine Grain Deal

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